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Christmas Floral Arrangements - Effie Fahey

With Christmas festivities only a few weeks away a practical demonstration showing how we can decorate our homes with an eye catching display of greenery was very timely. Our speaker, Effie Fahey, enthralled us as she showed how we can make good use of the evergreen shrubs from our gardens to create arrangements for next to nothing, apart from the cost of some Oasis blocks into which the sprigs of greenery can be inserted.

Using such common place materials as ivy, Leylandii hedging, variegated laurel ( Aucuba) and Pittosporum she made it look very easy to produce a professional looking arrangement that would grace any table and would last for at least a week provided that the Oasis is first soaked in water. The addition of a strategically placed candle could provide the finishing touch. Floating candles placed on water in a group of cylindrical glass storage jars on varying heights was another idea to take away.

There would be no excuse for not putting these newly acquired skills into practice at home as everyone was provided with a bag of equipment to take away.


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