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My journey into the Fuchsia world

Growing Fuchsias

Presentation by Joy Craig

Joy Craig

Growing fuchsias is not only simple but also keeps you young and active judged by our speaker Joy Craig. From starting out as an amateur fuchsia enthusiast Joy she became a steward for the British Fuchsia Society and subsequently graduated to become a national judge for the Society.

Her presentation commenced with lots of growing advice and a demonstration showing how to take cuttings, which are best taken in April from older plants which have been cut back after flowering and over-wintered in an unheated greenhouse. They should be kept almost dry through the winter then watered in early spring as they begin to grow again. The young shoots can be taken as tip cuttings about an inch long and 5 can be placed around the edge of a pot filled with fine peat-based compost. Pots should be kept moist and placed in a warm place, but not in full sun. No rooting hormone powder is necessary.

Once rooted they should be kept in a frost-free greenhouse and fed a high nitrogen liquid feed until the end of May, when a high potash feed should be applied to encourage flowering. Up to seven plants can be planted in a 12 inch hanging basket.

Joy concluded her talk with a colourful presentation showing the wide range of flowering types available and just how she succeeds accommodating over 700 plants in her greenhouse in the Spring. Her burden was considerably lightened by our members at the end of the evening as her contagious enthusiasm for these ‘easy to grow’ and colourful plants inspired members to snap up many of the plants she brought for sale.

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