The Yateley and District Gardening Society exists to provide local gardeners with an opportunity to get together and learn more about growing plants of all kinds. It currently has about 100 members who meet once a month, except August. We have a varied programme that includes talks from speakers who are experts in their field, garden visits in summer and practical workshops organised by the members for their fellow members.

We welcome new members from beginners to experienced green fingers alike, who can pass on their knowledge to others. Membership is open to anyone interested in gardening and who would like to join a group of fellow gardeners who can share their experience. We pride ourselves on being a friendly club, so if you are a newcomer to Yateley come along and join us to make friends and create a new garden through the exchange of plants and ideas.

Our indoor meetings are held in the warm and comfortable residents’ lounge at Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane, Yateley, GU46 6JW. Refreshments are served during the course of the evening. The annual membership charge is £7.50 per person.

The Society is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and has a pass that can be loaned to members for admission to RHS gardens giving 30% discount off the admission charge. Our nearest RHS garden is at Wisley about 20 miles from Yateley.

If you would like more information about the club or are interested in joining please contact Hazel Goddard:

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The 2019-2020 Committee members are:

  • President - Cherie Cheetham

  • Chairman - Tony Buckle

  • Vice Chairman - Richard Ashwell

  • Secretary - Julia Dobbin

  • Treasurer - Hazel Goddard

  • Membership - Angela Hulbert

  • Show Secretary - Rayner Mayer

  • Publicity - Angela Hulbert & Margaret Cox

  • Programme  - Margaret Cox

  • Outings - Hazel Goddard


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