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Stephen Care - Hortus Loci

On Monday 10th June at Hedgecroft. we enjoyed a talk by Stephen Care on HORTUS LOCI - The Plant Centre covering its history and the success of the business.

Formerly known as Whitewater Nursery, the site was originally a farm and the business known as Hortus Loci was launched in April 2017 by Robin Wallis and Mark Straver.

Stephen, who had been a manager for 12 years, is now retired and works as a consultant, explained to us that the business is not a Garden Centre selling scented candles etc. but a Plant Centre. They have have listened to customers requirements and now offer many services including a planting service, consultations and run many events and workshops during the year. A simple, basic, private consultation would cost approximately £35, whilst a full planning consultation would be in the region of £240. CLICK HERE to view a sample full planning consultation. The workshops at Hortus Loci are very popular, xmas wreaths being the most popular, that more dates had to be arranged to meet the demand. CLICK HERE to download forthcoming workshops in 2019.

They have many associations with big shows including the Chelsea Flower show. Stephen told us that it is worth visiting Hortus Loci to visit what is known as "The Chelsea Walk Round", 2 weeks before the show. Also that there is a big sale of the Chelsea exhibits on the Monday after the show at Hortus Loci, but be quick!

For the future, Hortus Loci hope to have a larger under cover area, to hold more events and to use social media more.

CLICK HERE to view their website.

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