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Because of the C virus pandemic, we have had to cancel our annual flower and produce Show.  This is a pity as it is one of the social events of the year for Yateley’s community.


In its place we have launched a virtual event to illustrate the beauty of my garden.  I am sure that your gardens have all benefitted from the extra attention you have been able to give them during lockdown.


So why not take photos of your flowers, vegetables or wildlife in your garden and email to Phil Goddard who will upload to our website.  Phil’s email address is

Hopefully these photos will provide a source of comfort in these troubled times and enable us to reflect on the endless beauty of nature and how important it is to preserve biodiversity.

Jackie Corrall
Jackie Corrall
Jackie Corrall
Jackie Corrall
Phil Goddard
Cherie Cheetham - My harvest of Butternu
Phil Goddard - Another lockdown project.
Jean Pearce - Brugmansia orange
Jean Pearce - Brugmansia pink and white.
Rachael Laxton - Garden 7
Rachael Laxton - Garden 8
Rayner Mayer - Garden3
Rayner Mayer - Garden2
Rayner Mayer - Garden1
Liz Johnson - foraging from garden and M
Phil Goddard -Our cat thinks I am mad
Phil Goddard - Great Tit leaving nest
Angela Hulbert - Garden2
Angela Hulbert - Garden1
Tony Buckle - Garden visitor
Val Ashwell - Alstromeria
Val Ashwell - Clematis
Richard Ashwell - Garden 18
Richard Ashwell - Clematis
Richard Ashwell - Rose "Blue For You"
Richard Ashwell - Tree Peony
Richard Ashwell - Rose "For Your Eyes Only"
Cherie Cheetham - What are these
Richard Ashwell - Oleander
Richard Ashwell - Rose "Halle"
Richard Ashwell - Garden 10
Richard Ashwell - Garden 11
Richard Ashwell - Garden 9
Richard Ashwell - Garden 8
Richard Ashwell - Garden 7
Richard Ashwell - Hydrangea "Saville Lace"
Richard Ashwell - Hydrangea "Saville Lace"
Richard Ashwell - Garden 4
Richard Ashwell - Garden 3
Richard Ashwell - Hydrangea "Merveille Sanguine"
Richard Ashwell - Garden 1
Hazel Goddard - Lily
Hazel Goddard - Fuchsia
Hazel Goddard - Geranium
Rachael Laxton - Garden 6
Rachael Laxton - Garden 5
Cherie Cheatham - Garden 1
Cherie Cheatham - Garden 2
Cherie Cheatham - Garden 3
Eleni Kirkbride - Variety of plants
Juliet Breschinsky Garden 5
Juliet Breschinsky Garden 4
Juliet Breschinsky Garden 3
Hazel Goddard - Doorstep display
Juliet Breschinsky Garden 1
Juliet Breschinsky Garden 2
Cherie Cheatham - Wildflowers
Hazel Goddard - Rose
Hazel Goddard - Rose - Carl Nelson
Cherie Cheatham - Phlox
Rachael Laxton  - Garden1
Rachael Laxton  - Garden2
Rachael Laxton  - Garden3
Rachael Laxton  - Garden4
Cherie Cheatham - Garden with bird bath.
Rachael Laxton - Begonia
Cherie Cheatham - Amusing carrot!
Jean Pearce -Senicio 'Angels Wings'
Jean Pearce -Begonia 'Funky Pink'
Jean Pearce -Bike planted with Jenny Cre
Jean Pearce -Auricula Stand
Jean Pearce -Alpine Garden
Jean Pearce -Acer - Bloodgood
Jean Pearce - Chandos Beauty Rose
Jean Pearce -Allium
Hazel Goddard - Hanging Basket
Phil Goddard - Lockdown project
Rayner Mayer - Lily
Rayner Mayer - Peace Rose
Irene Draper - Herbaceous border
Tony Buckle -Garden
Brenda Stook - Veg patch
Brenda Stook - Veg patch (3)
Brenda Stook - Garden 2yrs ago-1
Angela Hulbert -Houseleek
Brenda Stook - Garden 1
Brenda Stook - Garden 2
Brenda Stook - Back of garden

Our Members Photographs

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