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Monday 3rd May
Monday 3rd May
Sunday 16th May
Saturday 22nd May
Saturday 29th May
Monday 31st May
Saturday 5th June

St Peters Gardens, Yateley
Moulsham Lane, Yateley
Moulsham Lane, Yateley
Chandlers Lane, Yateley
Jesse Close, Yateley
Home Park Road, Yateley
The Tythings, Yateley

ALL proceeds from the Plant Sales at St Peters Gardens, Chandlers Lane, Jesse Close and Home Park Road will be donated to the Oakley Health a thank you for their excellent work and will go specifically towards buying some small  Doppler machines for use in Diabetic review clinics - they are used to check the blood supply to the feet,which can be a problem with Diabetics.
ALL proceeds from the Plant Sale at Moulsham Lane will be split between the Oakley Health Group and Frimley Park Hospital.

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