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Our world of Cannas

On Monday 13th November Christine and Keith Hayward gave us a highly interesting and sometimes amusing presentation entitled, "Our World of Cannas". Christine wore an apron with "The Boss" printed on it but Keith's knowledge of Cannas came through.

Keith has been studying and growing Cannas for approximately 40 years and in later years set up their business in Woking. He spoke about the many varieties and the care that Cannas need, especially on their love of water and being fed to flower successfully.

Later in the presentation Christine spoke of their visit to Argentina furthering their studies and presented many interesting photos and anecdotes of their visit in 2009. During the presentation, Keith mentioned his involvement with the RHS and his success in becoming a Plant Heritage Representative.

In 2018 they will be showing at the following events:-

Malvern Flower Show 10th - 13th May

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2nd - 8th July

Canna Trial 2018 (150 varieties at their nursery) 24th - 27th August

You can contact them on:-

01252 514421

07762 950000

07718 679245

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